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How Does One Calculate Some Basic Statistics?

basic Statistics

How Does One Calculate Some Basic Statistics?

Despite Excel not being a powerful enough software when compared to some others, it is actually quite adept when it comes to running the basic calculations, and this is even without the add-ins, and even if you do add some add-ins, your experience will certainly end up being much better. You know that Excel can actually do arithmetic but also, did you know that it can certainly and very quickly get some percentage changes, the averages, the standard deviations from all of the samples and the populations as well. You should also know about the standing errors and the student’s T-tests. Excel has been known to have a lot of statistical power, if you do know how to use it. We shall take a look at some things related to basic statistics down below.


  • I have listed out some ways that you can calculate percentage in Excel. Calculating percentages in Excel is undoubtedly very simple as it is anywhere and you just have to actually divide two numbers and then multiply it by 100. Let us say that we are calculating the percentage of 350 out of 500. You should just divide 350 by 500 by making use of the syntax. If you are not familiar with Excel, the equals sign will tell Excel that you are interested in calculating something. You should just enter the equation after that, and then you should hit enter if you want to successfully run the calculation.


  • Now, I will talk about how you can calculate the mean (average) in Excel. One of Excel’s most useful and also built-in functions is that it calculates the mean (average) of all of the set of numbers. If you have not used an Excel function before, you will be impressed at how easy it actually is. You should just type in the name of the function that you want to execute. Then, you should select the cells that you want to apply and then you should hit enter. In an example, we have a series of measurement, and we need an average of them. We will click into the cell and then type “=AVERAGE”, and then you should make use of the mouse to select all of the relevant cells. You will have a formula that will look like that, “=AVERAGE(B4: B16)”

These are actually some of the most basic things that you can do on excel that it will absolutely support. Excel has actually been so important, and it helps millions of people get on with their work every single day, which is one of the reasons why it is doing so well in the market, people really want it indeed.


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