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Funky Animal Teachers

Learn About Pets, Sea and Land Mammals.

Pet Education and Traning

Puppy Preschool

We give your puppies the training it needs with love and affection.

Loose Lead Walking

We will teach your pets how to walk ahead of you even without a leash.

Private Tuition

If your pets need special attention, you can come to us, and we will provide the necessary training.

About Us

Our team consists of a set of pet lovers who are also professionals in pet training. If you want to get your pets trained, we are the ones you should be looking for.


Primary Education

Teaching you to train your pet without pain, fear or intimidation


Pet Nutritionists


Quality & Safety


Health & Behaviors


Pets Body Language

Our Blog

  • If you own a dog, it is essential that you pay a good deal of attention to what exactly they eat. Just like with babies when their young, dogs too require a strictly monitored diet to keep them up and healthy. Hence, all dog parents need to consult their vet and chart a suitable diet plan for their dog and ensure they don’t succumb to pleas for one too many dog treats.

    In this article we have listed out some of the best diets for your dogs:

    1: AVOID SHELF STABLE FOODS: Good marketing has resulted in a lot of dog owners favoring only shelf-stable foods to sustain their pets. Despite conventional thinking that these processed foods have everything needed for your dog to live a long and healthy life, these canned goods are dead foods that require synthetic supplementation to meet the standards of a balanced nutritional diet. Thus, while foods like biscuits and kibble are great as an occasional treat or for when you're on the move, make sure they don't become part of a staple diet.  


    Whole foods including fruits and vegetables are organic and contain live enzymes and are full of fiber which in turn helps with digestion and reduced chances of constipation. Unlike processed foods that contain synthetic nutrients, whole foods are rich in natural nutrients and your best bet when it comes to your dog’s healthy lifestyle. There are, however, a few fruits and vegetables that can be allergic to some dogs, so make sure you know beforehand what is safe for your dog to consume.


    Humans are generally the only species on the planet that require meat to be cooked before eating it. When it comes to your dogs, it's best you give them the meat raw because cooking it can lead to losing many nutrients that are beneficial to them. Further, over-cooking of certain meats can release chemicals called heterocyclic amines which are known to increase the risk of cancer. Thus, don't waste time roasting or grilling meat for your dogs.


    Many processed and dry pet foods contain a substance known as gluten which is made out of corn and is a dry residue which can cause waste products to be held back in the body, prevent unstable fats from turning rancid and cause strain on your dog's liver and kidneys. Hence, as it is best, you avoid gluten in their diet as much as possible.

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    • I have listed out some ways that you can calculate percentage in Excel. Calculating percentages in Excel is undoubtedly very simple as it is anywhere and you just have to actually divide two numbers and then multiply it by 100. Let us say that we are calculating the percentage of 350 out of 500. You should just divide 350 by 500 by making use of the syntax. If you are not familiar with Excel, the equals sign will tell Excel that you are interested in calculating something. You should just enter the equation after that, and then you should hit enter if you want to successfully run the calculation.
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    There are different ways of gathering information to construct new knowledge. It can be done by a mere interaction or interview with a fellow student, a professor, or any professional in the field of your study. Or you can gather the information through books, newspapers, and the internet. Here is what to keep in mind while looking for sources.

    Know what is required

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    Reading the topic

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    Understand the terminologies

    While learning any subject the most important part to understand is that there are specific terminologies that one uses in the field and if you want to understand your subject better learn all of the terms. These statistical terms are basic fundamentals to understand and solve the problem. If you have a wrong understanding of terminology, you will have an incorrect result.

    Try working in groups

    If group studies are possible, try to work in groups. This is way you can all come up with ways to solve them. This way can help reduce your mental stress of doing the assignment alone. Also, group work increases interpersonal interaction, which enables you to get the ideas and ways to work on the topic quickly and helps you learn the subject effectively.

    Make use of the available resource

    Resources are all around you, if there is a topic you do not understand, ask your professors. If the topic is being covered in your class, make notes of the same. Go through your notes, understand and relate the topic to your assignment. This can help you finish your tasks and draw conclusions for the same.

    Be careful

    Statistics is not an easy subject as handling data requires you to be careful. If this data is hampered or manipulated with, it may affect the result. Use a reliable statistical program for your calculations. If you find any question difficult, try to solve first by drawing interface from log variations and conversions.

    How can online writing services aid you in your statistics assignment?

    Online writing services can cover plenty of things that can aid you in your statistics assignment. Such as analysing of information that is given, problem-solving using statistical techniques, thesis help to get an understanding of the overview., etc.

  • There are such huge numbers of advantages that pets accommodate kids! It’s simple for kids to get wrapped up in owning another pet, yet it’s up to their parents to ensure the experience is a positive one and that the pets receive the care they...

  • Veterinary care is basic to a pet’s prosperity. It is likewise vital for an owner to get their inquiries replied by a qualified professional. From the minute a pet is conceived, it should start its veterinary treatment. A health exam or “examination” is a standard...

  • Dogs are some of the most popular pets all over the world and are loved dearly by humans. Often referred to as mans best friend, dogs have been long known to be the ultimate companion and are even considered to be apart of the family,...

  • In the event that you have a bond with a dog or cat, you’ll see how uncommon these animals are to families. They offer interminable diversion, love, passionate help, and possibly warmth during the evening (if your dog or cat shares the bed). Studies have...

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