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Two Lizards Sunning

Lizards are found all over the world. They come in many sizes and shapes, which is their secret of success. Lizards range in size from tiny Geckos to huge Komodo Dragons. Chameleons are tree dwellers that can change color. Race Runner Lizard of North American runs fifteen miles an hour. Horned Lizards have short, flat bodies covered with fierce looking spikes.

Lizards display a variety of survival adaptations, from gliding through the air to pattering across water. One well-known survival technique is that They are able to shed their tails when caught by a predator. Tail shedding distracts the predator and allows the Lizard to escape. Tail loss is serious since the tail is used for balance, but most Lizards can regrow their tails within a month.

The Lizard Family teaches how to adapt to any circumstances. Watch how They do it.

Important Lizard Family Teaching: Dreaming

"Lizard brings the gift of dreaming. Seeing into the future and learning how to react to the visions we receive. In our dreams we imagine different futures and choose which we will materialize. Lizard teaches us the importance of respecting and remembering our dreams." Copyright: Unknown.

A Dragon Lizard

Lizard Family’s Teachings Include:

"Lizard teaches us to look toward our dreams because they have a lot to teach us. They offer us insights into what needs to come into the light, letting us know how we can better ourselves. Lizard reminds us of the control that we have over our lives. People with Lizard as their spirit guide, tend to live in the dreamtime and do not see what is real or do not want to see what is real. Lizard people can adapt to any surrounding or situation. There isn't much that can shock Lizard people because they are survivors and usually know more about what is around them then what most people think."Copyright: Rabbit’s Warren of Wisdom

“Stop running from your fears and face them. That is why Lizard has good medicine and power. He comes from the sweat lodge, he fasts a lot, and rarely drinks water, which is also why he has power. Although sometimes you can see him hunting around the rocks, he really prefers lying around top of the sweat lodge.” Copyright: “Spirits of the Earth”, Bobby Lake-Thom.

Lizard Family’s Wisdom Includes:
Subtle Perception
“Letting Go”
Optimism and Good Cheer
Pausing to Reflect
Imagining New Ideas and Creations
Designing the Future

Take time to read what Individual Lizard Teachers have to teach.

Major Lizard Families:
Alligator Lizards and Legless Lizards
Iguanas (Iguanas, Agamids, and Chameleons)
Monitor Lizards

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"Sunning Lizards" and "Dragon Lizard" Drawings copyrighted by Mary Ann Sterling

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