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Evading Confrontation

A Texas Coral Snake

A relative of Cobra, Coral Snake has toxic venom that attacks the nervous system and kills the prey fast. Coral Snake's brilliant colors of yellow, red, and black act as a warning. If provoked, this Snake will bring His head in the coils of His body and raise the tail. Then the Coral Snake makes a popping sound. Be mindful of the Snake's warning signs, allow Him to leave, and you will be better off.

This secretive, nocturnal Snake warns people by His bright colors and by His popping noise. The shy Coral Snake rarely bites people, preferring to avoid a confrontation. When walking where Coral Snake lives, people should make plenty of noise to allow the Snake to slip away unnoticed.

What Coral Snake teaches is how to avoid unnecessary confrontations by alerting people to your ability to harm them if provoked. Conversely, by paying attention to warning signs, you can evade confrontations.

Coral Snake’s Teachings Include:

“The Coral Snake is a bad power. It is a base sign or omen, a warning that you are going to be challenged by a person with negative thoughts or a jealous attitude toward you.” Copyright: “Spirits of the Earth”, Bobby Lake-Thom.

Coral Snake’s Wisdom Includes:
Being Shy
“Speaking Softly and Carrying a Big Stick”

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Texas Coral Snake Photo courtesy of WhoZoo.

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