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Making a Comfy Home

deer mouse feeding her pups

Unlike House Mouse, Deer Mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus) does not live with people. Widespread in North America, She lives where seeds and places to store those seeds abound. To survive in winter, Deer Mouse collects large volumes of seeds. In her small territory, She has well-defined trails for looking for seeds.

Before going on her nocturnal seed gathering, Deer Mouse first carefully grooms Herself. She scrutinizes her fur, carefully looks for Fleas, and picks off specks from between her toes. When finished, She races from her nest hole down the tree trunk, stops, and sniffs the air. After checking for any nearby Predators, Deer Mouse ventures forth to gather seeds.

Father Deer Mouse helps in raising their Pups. He assists in grooming Them and makes the nest tidy.  When Mouse Pups are weaned, Father Deer Mouse takes Them on foraging trips. When Mouse Pups are grown, like all fathers, Father Deer Mouse sees to it that They go out on their own.

Deer Mouse teaches how to make a comfy home. Her nest in the tree trunk has storage areas and soft grass-lined places for Herself and Her Family. Father Deer Mouse helps too, keeping the place tidy. Deer Mouse makes a warm and friendly home. Learn from Her, how to have a home that everyone wants to live in.

Deer Mouse’s Wisdom Includes:
To Explore the Magic of Nature
Look With Wonder and Curiosity
Being A Good Father and Husband
Good Grooming
Preparing for the Future

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