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Red Squirrel in a tree

What Are Animal Teachers?

They are animals who help you with a problem or give you an insight to something. Some animals are with you all your life. Others animals come when you need advice in a certain area of your life.

How Do Animals Teach People?

By being themselves, animals teach people. For example, you feel overworked and stressed out. Suddenly, your life is filled with squirrels. They chatter at you from trees or dig holes in your yard looking for acorns. Squirrels start appearing in the oddest places. They appear on TV commercials for car insurance. So you start to pay attention to squirrels. You watch your local squirrels go about their daily affairs. Then you understand what it is that they are trying to tell you. The squirrels teach you, “It is o.k. to work hard, but play is also important.”

How Do You Know When An Animal Has Something To Teach You?

Sometimes, you just start to notice them. Blue Jays have been living in your area but you never noticed them. Suddenly, you start watching them as though they are a rare bird. Then, you ask yourself, "Why am I noticing blue jays?"

Other times, you dream them. For instance, I had a series of dreams about echidnas, an animal I knew practically nothing about. What I found out about echidnas was that they are egg-laying mammals from Australia. Echidnas seem to live with internal contradictions. That was what my dreams were about.

Then there are times when they come to you. You watch TV and insects are the major topic of nature shows. Then someone tells you about their trip to the Tropics and the insects they saw. What seems to be happening is that some insect is trying to get your attention.

A Praying Mantis

Can Animals That I Like Be Animal Teachers?

Yes. They are the animals that you usually learn from the most. I like sharks, and are fascinated by them. The more I learn about sharks, the more they teach me about myself. Sharks teach assertiveness and how to move forward.

What Do Animals Teach?

Some animals teach positive lessons, while other animals give warnings. It depends on the animal and the person. Every animal has good things to teach, and warnings to give. Sharks teach assertiveness but warn that if you become ruthless, you will be feared.

A Great White Shark

Do Animals Teach The Same Thing to Everyone?

No. As people are multifaceted, so are animals. Many cultures have conflicting myths about animals. Medieval Christians considered pigs to be evil while the Celts revered them. We all reach an understanding of an animal that is peculiar to us.

What If A Bad Animal Comes To Teach Me?

There are no bad animals but some are not as positive as others. Most people do not harbor warm feelings about flies. Flies bring illness but also teach good health. Where you find a lot of flies, then there is usually rotting garbage nearby that you must get rid of.

An Iguana

How Many Animal Teachers Does One Person Have?

There is not any specified amount. It depends how many you feel close to. Most people have two or three who are with them always; they may have more who show up for a while to help the people learn a specific lesson.

How Do I Find Out What Are My Animal Teachers?

Ask yourself which ones are you fond of. Which ones do you want to learn from? Which ones have been with you all the time? These are your Animal Teachers.

Are Animal Teachers The Same As Animal Totems?

No. They are not “animal spirits”, “power animals”, or “animal totems”. These terms are reserved words for various concepts in New Age, Pagan, Shamanistic, and Native American beliefs. Animal Teachers are simply animals that come into your life to help you. Often you like them, and they like you.

An Alpine Chough

How Do I Speak To My Animal Teachers?

If you are drawn to crows, then go out to a tree and start talking to the crows. Other people may think you are nuts, but that is all right. Take a nature walk and watch animals. Listen and watch, then you can reach an understanding of the animal.

How Do I Find Out More About My Animal Teachers?

There are many ways. Study them in nature. Read about them. Watch nature programs. Talk to people who know about them. Join an animal club.

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