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Sea Otters

“Connecting People and Animals!” (c)

Animals have much to teach people. Learn from animals as diverse as cats, parrots, turtles, sharks, badgers, and emus. Come and read what Animal Teachers have to teach, and learn more about the Animal Teachers themselves. Remember that “Animals of the Road come part of the way. Animals of the Heart with you always stay.” (c)

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All About The Animal Teachers

Questions about Animal Teachers
Who is my Animal Teacher? How do I find out? These questions and more are answered.
Animal Teachers
Learn from Crawling Ones, Cold-Blooded Ones, Finned and Water Ones, Warm-Blooded Ones, and Winged Ones.
"Nature: Observations and Meanings Blog Spot"
Check out my blog which includes more than just animals...
Honoring Animal Teachers
Learn more about how to honor Animal Teachers. Pages feature topics such as animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.
Lessons from Animal Teachers
Animals Teachers have lessons to give to people. Learn about finding your Animal Teacher through animal cards. Learn about where they live, as well as other topics.
Animal Teacher Book Reviews
Reviews of popular “animal wisdom” books such as “Animal-Speak” and “nature” books such as “Outwitting Squirrels”. Buy the books directly from the site.

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Animal Teachers' Classes

Take these fun self-paced courses at UniversalClass. Receive a certificate in "animal teachers". Suitable for homeschoolers.(Links opens window.)
"Finding Your Animal Teachers"
"Working with Your Animal Allies, Teachers, and Totems"
"Animals for Everyone: Mammals"
"Animals for Everyone: Penguins"
Animal Teachers Books
DISCOVERING ANIMAL WISDOM: Books from the Animal Teachers Site! Wisdom from the Animals including dragons and other mythic animals. Finding and working with your animal friends. All here and more!

Links to Other Sites

Links to Animal Sites
Places to go to learn more about individual animals. Sites featured range from The to The Cephalopod Page (TCP). Other sites feature “animal wisdom” such as The Wisdom of Australian Animals and Encyclopedia Mythica.
All About ANIMAL Teachers’ WEBSITE
FAQ, Legal Notices.

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