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Protection of Home

A Yellow Jacket

In the fall, most people encounter Yellow Jackets clustered around garbage dumps. Looking for food to sustain Themselves, Yellow Jackets will fly into houses. When cold weather sets in, their nest falls apart leaving the individuals on their own. The winter kills off Yellow Jackets except for the young Queens, who hide in protected crevices waiting for springís arrival.

These Social Wasps live in colonies, in which everyone has a role to fulfill. The Queen builds the nest in an abandoned Rodent burrow and lays Her eggs. The Workers bring half-chewed prey back to the nest to feed the Grubs. As more Yellow Jackets develop, the Workers enlarge the nest by moistening the soil and digging a bigger hole. Only when winter sets in do Yellow Jackets abandon the nest.

Usually, when They are foraging for food, Yellow Jackets seldom sting. Only when threatened, do Yellow Jackets attack. When their nests are disturbed, Yellow Jackets become extremely aggressive. In fact, They consider anyone walking near the nest to be a threat.

Yellow Jackets teach the protection of home. They are quite capable of defending their home from all potential harm. Learn from Yellow Jacket how can have a secure home. Just do not go overboard, and become too aggressive.

Yellow Jacketís Wisdom Includes:
Family Issues
Building and Maintaining a Home

NEVER crush a Yellow Jacket, or you will be attacked by the entire hive.

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