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A Wasp

Wasps are one of the most feared of Insects. Their stinger, which is a curved barb-free lance, can deliver deadly poison. Unlike Bees, Wasps can use their stingers many times. They are known to be particularly aggressive, especially if you stand in their flight path.

Wasps come in all varieties. Social Wasps, such as Paper Wasps and Hornets, live in large colonies. Their nests, first built by the Queen, are intricate paper structures. The Wasps make them by first chewing wood fibers, and then mixing the fibers with saliva. Social Wasps typically build their umbrella-shaped nests under eaves and ledges.

Yellow Jackets and Hornets are quite similar to each other. The only major difference is how They build their nests. Hornet makes Her globe-shaped paper nests suspended from trees. Yellow Jacket nests in abandoned burrows and fallen tree holes.

Mud Dauber Wasp, a Solitary Wasp, constructs Her nest from mud, and attaches the nest to the wall of a building. Mother Mud Dauber Wasp collects and paralyzes Spiders for Her eggs. She lays an egg on the Spider, closes the chamber, and then leaves. The Wasp eggs hatch and eat the Spiders for their nourishment.

A Parasitic Wasp, Ichneumon Wasp lays her eggs in other Insects. Her young develops inside the bodies of other Insects. In late spring, this long and skinny Wasp with long antenna will enter houses, attracted to the lights at dusk, scaring many people.

Surprisingly, Wasps can be quite beneficial. They prey on garden pests, such as Flies and Caterpillars, to feed to their own larvae. In Germany and Great Britain, people put up special nest boxes to encourage their nesting.

As odd it may seem, Wasp venom may prove to be beneficial to people. The venom reduces blood pressure and prevents blood from clotting. Medical researchers are trying to find out if Hornet's venom can be used to lower adrenaline levels in people.

Wasps are associated with spite and anger. "Waspishness" describes a person with petty angers. Wasps are extremely aggressive when they are disturbed. Stay out of the Wasp’s way and you will be fine.

What is unexpected about Wasps is their beneficial side. Wasp teaches caution but also to learn "to expect the unexpected." Use Wasp’s warrior spirit to discern what is the truth.

A Wasp Drawing

Wasp Family's Teachings Include:

“Wasp Dreaming is good, but only when the intention is to protect rather than interfere.” Copyright: “Animal Dreaming”, Scott Alexander King.

Wasp Family’s Advice Includes:

"Distance yourself; use your warrior spirit." Copyright: "Australian Tarot Deck," Ann Fitzgerald-Willams.

Wasp Family’s Wisdom Includes:
Intellect Through Thought and Reason
Expecting the Unexpected

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Wasps are cousins to Bees and Ants.

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Wasp Photo copyrighted by 1000 pictures. Wasp Drawing copyrighted by Mary Ann Sterling.

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