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Three Slugs:  Leopard, Banana, and Giant Forest

Most people hate Slugs, but Slugs are undeserving of such a fate. They are harmless animals that spend their days hidden in dense vegetation. Emerging at night, Slugs prefer to feed on decaying plant matter. However, if such food is unavailable, then the Slugs will eat young leaves and fruit. This is why people despise Slugs so much.

Slug is cousin to Snail, but without the shell. Its lack of a shell is both a curse and a blessing. Slug is more exposed to the elements, but do not need to find calcium to form a shell. It can live anywhere there is enough food and moisture.

Slug appears to glide forward with no effort, but It moves in a series of waves. The bottom of Slug, is Its sole (foot), which is lubricated by mucus secreted by a gland under Its tail. Slug lifts part of Its sole up and puts it down a little farther forward. Inching Its way forward, Slug travels from place to place.

Learn from Slug how to keep moving. Slug demonstrates what Hoagy Carmichael wrote in one of his popular songs: "Slow Motion gets you there faster."

Slug’s Advice Includes:

"The slug creates slime to travel on so that it is easier to move over different surfaces and textures. This is indicative of those people who take the easiest path to reach their destination. If slug is talking to you today, it may be time to look beyond yourself to the needs and feelings of others." Copyright: Unknown.

Slug’s Wisdom Includes:
Keeping On
No Limits
Smooth Movement
Slow Motion

Two of three slugs in the picture are the Leopard Slug (brown with small spots)and the Giant Forest Banana Slug (yellow-green with black blotches. To see pictures of the Santa Cruz Banana Slug "Banana Slug" or Pictures by Scott Peden(who takes censuses of the animals)"More Santa Cruz Banana Slugs".

The Slug is a hermaphrodite, which means It has both male and female organs. A Slug must still mate to fertilize the eggs.

University of California Santa Cruz (USA) has, as their mascot, the Banana Slug, AKA the "Fighting Banana Slug".

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Slug Magnets were carved by Ken Bakeman, and the designs are under copyright.

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