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Moth Sea (painting of moth in a bubble over a red sea)

When we encounter Moths, they are flying into lights in the dark of the night. We hear about the destructive Gypsy Moths, who have eaten entire forests in eastern North America. Perhaps we learn about the Silk Moth that feeds on mulberry leaves and wraps Himself in a cocoon of silk in which He transforms Himself into an adult. Moths are mysterious Insects that flutter about; not quite Butterflies.

Poplar Hawk Moths rests on tree trunks where They are perfectly camouflaged by their gray-brown wings. Recognizable by Her large eyespots, the Emperor Moth uses the spots to confuse and frighten attackers. The Death's Head Hawk Moth makes a squeak when picked-up, scaring people. The Peppered Moth exists in two dramatically different forms - the normal pale, and the dark one that lives in smoky towns. Moths use a variety of strategies to cope with life as they find it.

In all of Moth’s forms, He copes with life as He finds it. Larvae of Pine-tube Moths tie needles together with silk for protection. Larvae of Bagworm Moths construct little bags out of plant debris and silk to live in. The Larvae poke their heads and feet out to feed and move. Learn from Moth various strategies of coping in all aspects of your life.

Moth’s Teachings Include:

"Like Butterfly, Moth shows us the ability to transform, to change, to develop ourselves in accordance with our current situation and future ideals. Do not be afraid of the shadows or the darkness for remember, it is only in these that we can find light." Copyright: Unknown

“Moth asks that we put our fears and limitations aside and speak to Spirit without expectation.” Copyright: “Animal Dreaming”, Scott Alexander King.

Royal Moth (painting)

Moth’s Advice Includes:

"To gain your wings, you need to sacrifice the caterpillar of self. Pause for a while." Copyright: "Australian Tarot Deck", Ann Fitzgerald-Williams.

Moth's Wisdom Includes:
Spiritual Transformation

Take time to read what Individual Moth Teachers or their relatives, the Butterflies, have to teach.

The differences between butterflies and moths: Butterflies have clubbed antenna. Moths form a cocoon, butterflies, a chrysalis. Moths have a frenulum which holds their two wings together during a flight.

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"Moth Sea" and "Royal Moth" Drawings copyrighted by Mary Ann Sterling

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