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A Grasshopper

Often confused with their close relatives, the Crickets, Grasshoppers can be identified by their thick antennae, which are usually shorter than their bodies. Another characteristic of Grasshoppers are their powerful and extremely elongated back legs. Like Crickets, male Grasshoppers have “songs” that female Grasshoppers can hear.

Grasshoppers can leap twenty times their body length in a single jump. Other ways they escape danger is through camouflage, blending into their surroundings. A third way Grasshoppers elude predators is by ingesting toxic chemicals that make them taste bad. Since they work hard to protect themselves, Grasshoppers’ lazy reputation is really undeserved.

Grasshopper teaches you to enjoy living in the moment, but never cease to prepare for the future. However, too many Grasshoppers make pests of Themselves, eating all the plants around them.

Grasshopper’s Teachings Include:

From the Pit River Tribe in California: While the Ant was preparing for the winter, the Grasshopper was only interested in having a good time. When winter came, Grasshopper found himself cold and starving. Feeling sorry for him, the Ants gave him some food. “Perhaps we need people like Grasshopper as a reminder of what not to be like.”

Grasshopper's Wisdom Includes:
New Leaps Forward in Life
Trust in Your Own Instincts and Rhythms
Be Bold and Move With Pride
Community Matters
Good Cheer
Leaps of Faith

Stick Insects (Walking Stick, Stick Bug) or Phasmids are cousins to Grasshoppers.

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Grasshopper Photo copyrighted by Dexter Sear, IO Vision.

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