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Flies belong to the Order Diptera, which means "two wings". People often confuse other Insects such as Mayflies with true Flies. Members of the Order Diptera have only one pair of wings, with their hind pair being replaced by club-ended structures called halteres. As a group, Flies are a success for They are numerous and worldwide.

One reason for Flies' success is their flying abilities. One of the most sophisticated of Insects, Fly's method of flying has much in common with an airplane. The front two wings of Fly are true wings. The hind pair, the halteres, act like pendulums, swinging back and forth. These halteres vibrate in the same plane, even if the Fly goes off course, working as stabilizers much like the gyroscopes in an autopilot. Flies can tack sideways at great speed, and also fly backwards.

The great success of Flies is also because of their highly adaptive life cycle. Flies are incredibility mobile in where they live. Each stage of Fly's life exploits a different food source, and allows Fly to make use of diverse habitats.

Fly demonstrates seizing opportunity, where you find it and exploiting it for all it’s worth.


Fly Family's Teachings Include:

“Fly Dreaming encourages us to develop our awareness so that we may become learned in the darker aspects of Creation.” Copyright: “Animal Messenger”, Scott Alexander King.

Fly Family's Advice Includes:

“You need to confront the issues in your life NOW and have the courage to face things.” Copyright: “Australian Animal Tarot”, Ann Fitzgerald-Williams.

Fly Family’s Wisdom Includes:

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Flies Photo copyrighted by Gerd Waloszek, Gnat Drawing copyrighted by Mary Ann Sterling

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