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An Earthworm

People encounter Earthworms when They come out after a rain. What most people do not realize that, although there are many species of Earthworms, none are native to North America. Earthworm came along with the European settlers to the New World. Since then, Earthworm has become an important part of North America's ecosystem.

Earthworm is such a familiar sight that we rarely give Her a second glance, yet Her contribution to soil fertility is enormous. Earthworm is a tunneler that eats Her way through the dirt converting clay into rich soil. She also converts compost and leaf litter into soil as well.

Earthworm teaches regeneration. She turns the soil by bringing organic matter from the surface and mixing it with the soil below. Without Earthworm's efforts, crops would not grow as well. By Her actions, Earthworm turns "lemons into lemonade." Just do not get caught by the early bird.

Earthworm's Advice Includes:

“Are we letting what seems to be a large task intimidate us and prevent us from acting?” Copyright: “The Animal-Wise Tarot”, Ted Andrews

Earthworm’s Teachings Include:

“Earthworm sustains those who feel their hearts being torn in two, so they don't fall apart.” Copyright: “Animal Dreaming” by Scott Alexander King..

Earthworm's Teachings Includes:
Growing Where Planted

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Photo of Earthworm Courtesy of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

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