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A Cricket

Crickets belong to the order Othoptera, which also includes Grasshoppers and Katydids. While most people are familiar with Field and House Crickets, there are also Tree and Cave Crickets. In our houses, we hear House Cricket's rich and full chirping. While walking in fields and meadows, we see Field Cricket hopping away from us. Their brothers, Tree Crickets and Cave Crickets, live in forests. Tree Crickets construct their nests of rolled leaves in trees. Cave Crickets live in the rainforests, among leaf litter and wood debris.

Crickets frequent garbage dumps and trash piles, and will eat anything from seeds to paper. However, Cricket's song enchants us. Unlike other animal sounds, the chirp of Cricket is a musical tone to our ears.

We hear Cricket, but we cannot find Him. When you approach Cricket, He hops away. We cannot stop the chirping; we can only listen to Him as he calls for a mate. Instead of trying to find Cricket to stop His singing, we should enjoy His song. Accept Cricket’s singing, and do not be deaf to the wonders around you.

Cricket's Teachings Includes:

“The cricket is always happy. He has an uncanny ability to always find the happy side to every pitfall. He is always singing his song. Although not wanting to be noticed, he inevitably is. Sometimes, he will forget where he is and make his song just as loud as he can.” Copyright: Unknown.

Cricket's Wisdom Includes:
Joy in being
Sensitive Intuition
Power of Belief
Leaping over Difficult Situations Effortlessly

Singing Crickets are males.

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