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Bumble Bee

Bumble Bees are large robust Bees with the color patterns of yellow and black. You can usually find Bumble Bees flying low to the ground or on flowers collecting food. They nest almost anywhere but only remain in one particular nest for a year.

Besides size, another way that you can tell how Bumble Bee is different from Honey Bee is that Bumble Bee's nest is a mess. Bumble Bees have fewer members in their colonies than Honey Bee. Also, They do not store large amounts of honey. Unlike Honey Bees, Bumble Bees rarely sting unless their nest is threatened.

Enjoy watching these fairly placid Bees as They go about their business of pollinating the flowers. Learn from Them to mind your own business. Just do not be messy in your affairs.

Bumble Bee Also Teaches:

“Bee shows us we can accomplish what seems impossible by having dedication and working hard. It asks us to pursue our dreams with incredible focus and fertilize our aspirations. Bee teaches us to cooperate with others who have similar goals so we can learn how to help each other.” Copyright: Animal Totem. (Read more about Bumble Bee at Animal Totem site. Do not forget to use your back button to return to this site.)

Bumble Bee’s Wisdom Includes:
Messenger Who Holds the Secrets of Life
Regaining Focus

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Bumble Bee Drawing copyrighted by Mary Ann Sterling

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