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Standing Firm

Three Anemone on a reef

Like Coral, its relative, Sea Anemone abounds on the sea floor, and in coastal waters. This animal, which reminds people of its namesake plant, lives also on rocks in shallow waters, and on the bottom of boats. With its muscular foot, Sea Anemone attaches Itself firmly to rocks, pilings, wharves, ship bottoms, and other animals. A special disk on the base of Anemone produces cement that secures It to any surface.

One of the most beautiful of Marine Animals, Sea Anemone is also one of the most deadly. Belonging to the same Phylum as Jellyfish, Sea Anemone has the basic body type with tentacles surrounding a central mouth opening. A solitary ocean dwelling carnivore, It uses its tentacles to catch and transfer food to its mouth. Anemone’s fleshy tentacles are equipped with special stinging cells. Usually, Sea Anemone entices Fish to come to It by waving the colorful tentacles. In addition, Sea Anemone can bury Itself in the mud and retract its tentacles completely when exposed at low tide.

Sea Anemone develops unusual relationships with other animals. Hermit Crab uses Anemone as a protector from predators while Anemone uses Crab to move around. The Sea Anemone attaches Itself to Crab’s outer shell. Meanwhile, Clownfish live inside Sea Anemone and lure Fish to the Anemone. In return, Clownfish protects Anemone from Butterfly Fish.

Sea Anemone, once attaching its foot to a rocky spot or a ship’s hull, cannot be moved. Tides may come in and go out, but Sea Anemone stays put. Cemented to a Hermit Crab’s shell, Anemone goes wherever Crab goes. Once placed, Anemone stays.

Hermit Crab with Anemone on Its Back

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