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White Horse

“The Celtic Animal Oracle” covers twenty-five animals important in the British Shamanistic tradition. Each animal is presented in context of their life in the British Isles. Surreal photographs of each animal in a significant pose make the cards seem more exotic. The Celtic designed borders of the cards show whether the animal is associated with the Sun or the Moon in Celtic Tradition. In addition, the beautifully packaged cards invite admiration and closer examination from the reader.

Anna Franklin discusses the use of the cards in terms of shamanism. She suggests taking a card and “going inside it”. Enter the landscape of Horse, and gallop across lush green meadows. For the ordinary person, the cards are useful in learning about the animals in Celtic traditions. The author includes stories and poems to highlight the attributes of each animal.

For example, Horse is shown with the White Horse of Uffington, one of the chalk horses of the English countryside. The card has a white horse galloping on sunny fields to symbolizes “Travel”. The gold border of the card denotes “sun animal”. According to the author, Horse will help you along your path.

White Horse

(White Horse of Uffington)

With such a small group of animals, there are limits to learning about the animals. Only Salmon is represented for Finned and Water Ones. Butterfly, Frog, Lizard, Snake, and Spider represent the Crawling and Cold-Blooded Ones. Cow and Bull and divided into a Male and Female pair. Stag and Cock are the male versions of Red Deer and Chicken.

These cards make a fine complement to “Druid Animal Oracle”. Franklin makes the animals more accessible to the reader curious about Celtic mythology. Use the two sets together for a deeper understanding of the animals in the Celtic Traditions. (For further explanation of Animal Card Systems, go to A Brief Note on Tarot and Animal Cards.)

White Horse

Druid Animal Oracle

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Photo of the White Horse of Uffington copyrighted by Wiltshire White Horses, The chalk horses of Wiltshire: their history and their locations

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