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Beast Meadow

The best way to learn is to study the animals in their natural habitats. If that is not possible, then read books by naturalists about the animals. However, many people find such reading difficult and have instead turned to materials devoted to “the wisdom of the animals”.

People often use “animal wisdom” books and cards to learn about their particular Animal Teachers. The “animal wisdom” books often give interesting information about the animals. These books are usually written from the point of view of using myths and beliefs to learn more about animals.

Many scientists and naturalists have written excellent readable books about animals. However, the ordinary person usually does not know about them. Many people find science books to be dry and of interest to only other scientists. But, good science writers have wonderful explanations of why animals do what they do. They also offer good suggestions on how to become further acquainted with animals.

Angel Shark

(Angel Shark)

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