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Andean Condors

What make New World Vultures different from Old World Vultures are their voices and feet. New World Vultures lack voice boxes and can only hiss and grunt. Old World Vultures use their feet for killing, unlike New World Vultures, whose feet are more suitable for walking. Instead of building a nest, as do Old World Vultures, New World Vultures lay their eggs in caves or among boulders. As odd as it may seem, New World Vultures may be relatives of the Storks. Like Storks, these Vultures have long legs that they defecate on to cool off. In addition like Storks, They have perforated nostrils and similar feather structures. (However, DNA evidence indicates that Raptors in general may have had waterbirds among their distant relatives.)

While smaller New World Vultures soar in the sky looking for food, They smell the carcass and hear the Flies buzzing around the dead animal. Meanwhile, other Vultures watch smaller Vultures head toward the carrion. Several kinds of Vultures will feed on one carcass. Smaller Vultures, like Turkey Vulture arrive first, sensing by smell. Later the bigger Vultures, such as King Vulture and Condor, who have keen eyesight, will descend and take over. While Turkey Vulture eats the tender meat, King Vulture will eat only the tough meat.

New World Vultures use all their senses--sight, hearing, and sense of smell. While most people go through life just using only one sense--usually sight--New World Vultures are living life to the fullest. People, who use only one sense, are depriving themselves of life. Use all your senses as New World Vultures do and experience the world around you.

New World Vulture’s Teachings Include:

“Turkey vulture can assist you in developing your own sense of smell that you can use effectively in all areas of your life. It will help you to decide whether or not something doesn’t quite smell right in your life.” Copyright: “Animal-Speak”, Ted Andrews.

New World Vulture’s Advice Includes:

“Buzzards and Vultures are bad signs. They are messengers who warn us of interruptions or problems forthcoming.” Copyright: “Spirits of the Earth”, Bobby Lake-Thom.

California Condor

New World Vulture’s Wisdom Includes:
Being Misunderstood
Messages from the Spirit

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In the United States, Vulture is also called Buzzard.

Conservation Note: Condors are endangered and are protected by law.

Andean Condors Photo copyrighted by Juerg Derrer,

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