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Soaring High

Andean Condor soaring in sky

With a greater wing area than any other Bird, Andean Condor flies with agility and grace. Using the rising air currents, She flies employing the ends of her flight feathers to control her direction by opening and closing them. Living high among the Andes Mountains of South America, Andean Condor soars above the mountains, invisible to all below. Watching Her soar so high, the Incas called Andean Condor Apu Kunter, "the Carrier of prayers to the Gods." Today, South American countries that have Andean Condor as part of their national heritage often feature Her on their coat of arms or flag.

Andean Condors nest and roost on inaccessible and exposed mountain ledges. Every two years, They mate and raise their Chick on a bare rock face. For two years, Mother and Father Andean Condor take turns incubating their egg and later feeding their Chick. Mating for life, Andean Condors remain together as a family.

Andean Condor, in flight, is a glorious sight. With the exception of her cousin, Marabou Stork, Andean Condor has the greatest wingspan of any land Bird. She can withstand winds that howl on the highest Andean peaks. Soar high and conquer any ill winds that blow your way.

Important Andean Condor Teaching: Unity

“Condor has the spirit of unity. All for one, and one for all. Condor can also aid in group interaction.” Copyright: Unknown.

“Condor Dreaming motivates us to collectively reach out and share the knowledge we have stored within ourselves.” Copyright: “Animal Messengers” by Scott Alexander King

Andean Condor’s Advice Includes:

Mapuche Indian Proverb: “Don’t try to be a Condor, because the mountains are high.”

Andean Condor up close and personal

Andean Condor’s Wisdom Includes:
New vision
Source of Virility
Following Your Heart
Reminder of Spirit
Soaring Above Our Limitations
Ancient Mysteries
Envisioning What is Possible and Bring It to the Present
Seeing Into the Soul
Messages from the Spirit
Sheltering From Harsh Winds

California Condor is a sister to Andean Condor.

Conservation Note: Andean Condor is an endangered species and is protected in several South American countries.

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Andean Condor (soaring) Photo copyrighted by Juerg Derrer,

Andean Condor (close up) Photo copyrighted by National Zoo.

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